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Execupay is a technology-enabled HR solution offering payroll, background check, and benefits management services for small to midsize businesses across many industries. Execupay's customer service team can assist HR managers with various tasks such as tracking applicants, onboarding employees, filing Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), and administering 401(k) plans. 

In addition to services, Execupay's platform is a comprehensive tool that gives HR teams access to various features. With Execupay's PlatinumPay Xpress feature, businesses can process payroll and tax filings online. Additional features include time and labor management, ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliance monitoring, performance management, and an employee self-service portal that is accessible on mobile devices. 

Technical support is available via phone or online. Pricing is based on the desired platform features and services. Please contact Execupay for detailed pricing information. 


Execupay - Execupay applicant tracking
  • Execupay - Execupay applicant tracking
    Execupay applicant tracking
  • Execupay - Execupay time and labor management
    Execupay time and labor management
  • Execupay - Execupay employee self-service portal
    Execupay employee self-service portal
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