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iintegra is a cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) designed to support recruitment activities for a broad range of companies. The platform features custom recruitment workflows, the ability to create an SEO-optimized career page, one-click job posting and more.

iintegra enables recruiters to write job postings once and then users can save them as well as post to the job boards and social media networks. Users can also search external CV databases and social networks to invite candidates to apply.

iintegra allows recruiters to track applicant progress through every stage of their customized workflow. Resume parsing is built in to identify talent, along with analytics to understand drop off points in the application process. The solution provides a calendar sync feature that help to schedule interviews.

iintegra offers third-party integrations for things like video interviewing, background screening and more to aid in the hiring process. It has dedicated mobile apps for Android, Windows, iOS and BlackBerry devices.


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Jesus N. Branche: Krankenhausversorgung & Gesundheitswesen Anzahl der Mitarbeiter:  201-500 Mitarbeiter Mitarbeiteranzahl:  201-500 Mitarbeiter



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Very easy and intuitive, easy to use and nice interface

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Recruitment and management of staff in administrative university areas


Excellent to create a suitable form for the integration of new working groups and scientific studies.

It offers many facilities to create any type of questionnaire and basic task for a new participant to be able to shape and integrate properly to the necessary requirements.

Provides real-time information, that makes the flow of staff streamline and can be categorized faster


My goal is to streamline the whole process of hiring new participants, sometimes I consider that by small details gets a little slow and the participants do not make it easy and quick to complete your application