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Stratifyd is an augmented intelligence (AI) and data analytics solution that helps businesses analyze unstructured and structured datasets in real-time. It offers a speech analytics system, which allows contact centers to automatically create transcripts of call recordings using machine learning and natural language processing algorithms. The platform enables managers to analyze various speech metrics including call length, talk rate and use of negative and positive words. It offers a variety of features including data warehouse management, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, GDPR compliance, collaboration and more. Additionally, administrators can use the application to gain insights into customer journeys, create predictive models and generate custom reports. Stratifyd facilitates integration with various third-party applications such as Intercom, Slack, Customer.io, Facebook, Slack, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Drift, Salesforce and more via APIs. Pricing is available on an annual subscription and support is extended via phone, email and knowledge base.
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Stratifyd Preis

Stratifyd bietet eine Gratisversion und eine kostenlose Testversion.

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Stratifyd pricing starts at $1000/year/user.
Kostenlose Version:
Kostenlose Testversion:

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