iEstate ist eine SaaS-Immobilienverwaltungslösung, die Unternehmen bei der Verwaltung von Vertriebs-, Leasing- und Anlagenwartungsvorgängen unterstützt. Sie basiert auf der Oracle-Plattform und ermöglicht Immobilienfirmen, eine... Mehr erfahren

Prompto is a cloud-based interactive content creation and lead generation solution designed to help real estate businesses streamline processes related to marketing, client engagement and more. Prompto sales enablement platform... Mehr erfahren

myCiti provides a unified platform for managing any commercial or residential society. The solution helps digitize, automize and simplify all society management and its peripheral processes. It covers all types of management... Mehr erfahren

RentCast is a cloud platform that helps real estate investors, landlords and property managers track and optimize their rental portfolios. You can use RentCast to view property rent prices, nearby rental comps and local rental... Mehr erfahren

With Corofy’s Broker Intelligence Platform for real estate, brokerages are able to discover industry trends, analyze their competitor’s performance, and understand their place in the New York City real estate market. Our... Mehr erfahren

Lobby CRE is a web-based data management and analytics software designed to help businesses in the real estate industry aggregate multiple data sources and visualize the performance of all properties from within a unified... Mehr erfahren

Leizee is a real estate sales accelerator: It is a CRM software with Saas technology which allows it to be efficient and ergonomic. You will be able to manage all the commercial real estate management and manage your sales and... Mehr erfahren

Moderan Solutions property management software is cutting through all the different layers of challenges with making commercial real estate management easy and efficient. Moderan was born out of the real-life need to manage... Mehr erfahren