Sybill is a video call partner for sales teams. It helps accelerate revenue by bringing emotional intelligence into the sales process to understand buyers better. Teams can track prospects, manage leads, assess sentiment data and... Mehr erfahren

Signal AI is a speech analytics solution designed to help businesses monitor customers' interactions and implement actions in real-time to improve revenue, buying experiences and conversion rates. Managers can analyze previous... Mehr erfahren

Stratifyd is an augmented intelligence (AI) and data analytics solution that helps businesses analyze unstructured and structured datasets in real-time. It offers a speech analytics system, which allows contact centers to... Mehr erfahren

Tethr is artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled speech analytics solution, which allows call centers and various business teams to track, analyze and gain insights into customer conversations to uncover actionable insights on a... Mehr erfahren

Prodigal is a cloud-based Consumer Finance Intelligence solution. Built on decades of industry and data science expertise, Prodigal analyzes customer and patient interactions to supercharge profits and customer experience for... Mehr erfahren

Fonetik is the latest behaviourally-informed speech analytics platform in the market designed to help businesses understand customers, and what they say and feel. Fonetik puts the power into your hands through an intuitive... Mehr erfahren

Du möchtest mehr über deine Kunden erfahren? Sonar ist eine videobasierte Plattform für Nutzerforschung, die es Unternehmen und Agenturen ermöglicht, schnell, zuverlässig und konsistent zu recherchieren. Mehr erfahren