DoorFlow is a Cloud based Access Control platform used to monitor and manage physical security for spaces such as offices, hotels, co-working spaces, sports clubs, schools and universities Using the intuitive UI, admins can set... Mehr erfahren ist eine cloudbasierte Plattform zur Meldung von Vorfällen und Beobachtungen, die es Unternehmen in den Bereichen Fertigung, Einzelhandel, Gesundheitswesen, Gastgewerbe, Logistik und verschiedenen anderen Branchen... Mehr erfahren

Blue Iris is a video security and webcam solution that helps businesses automate security operations through live cameras and remote access functionality. It enables organizations to view action lists, capture screenshots and... Mehr erfahren

goTracker is a cloud-based guard management system designed to help businesses manage scheduling, reporting, and security operations via a unified portal. The platform enables security organizations to define locations, create... Mehr erfahren

Openpath is a cloud-based keyless door access control solution that helps small to large businesses across real estate, education, retail and various other sectors manage permissions and implement site-specific restrictions... Mehr erfahren

People usually don’t call 911 or alert on-site security during an emergency until they feel safe, often severely delaying emergency response and sometimes resulting in otherwise preventable loss of life. Protect your people... Mehr erfahren

Verkada is a physical security management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing and other sectors manage access control and gain visibility across events in real-time via video... Mehr erfahren