CareClix is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution that helps the healthcare industry manage virtual clinics and remote consultations. It enables doctors to access patient medical history, perform examinations, verify insurance... Mehr erfahren

Henry Schein MicroMD is a cloud-based practice management solution that helps healthcare professionals to streamline workflows and manage practices. With Henry Schein MicroMD, small and large practices, as well as community... Mehr erfahren

Hale is a remote patient monitoring platform, enabling clinical teams and health care practices to gain real-time health data without the need for on-site consultations. The platform enables patient medical records to be updated... Mehr erfahren

RPMPro is a remote patient monitoring platform for hospitals and long-term care facilities with at-risk and chronic patients. Patient data is collected in real-time from consultations, test results, and remote monitoring devices... Mehr erfahren

HealthKOS is a telehealth and remote patient monitoring platform for care coordinators and healthcare practitioners to carry out virtual appointments and monitor patient health status. The platform enables users to schedule video... Mehr erfahren

BettrLife is a HIPAA compliant patient engagement platform for nutritionists, dietitians, fitness coaches and other healthcare providers. A nutrition-focused platform, BettrLife provides tools for advanced nutritional analysis... Mehr erfahren

Vivadox is a telemedicine platform designed to help small to midsize group practices and hospitals, enabling them to book virtual appointments on a HIPAA-compliant platform. It provides multiple plans for varying levels of... Mehr erfahren

C3LX, Inc. bietet wertbasierten Praxen eine Lösung zur Patientenüberwachung, Patienteneinbeziehung und Pflegeverwaltung aus der Ferne. XIAhealth®, die proprietäre forschungsbasierte Technologie, die die Lösung ermöglicht,... Mehr erfahren

CoachCare powers clinics with a virtual health and remote patient monitoring platform that reflects your unique workflow and protocol. It includes an insurance management feature that helps clients secure a higher return on... Mehr erfahren

BioT is an user-friendly cloud-based platform for pharma companies and medical device manufacturers, specifically designed to connect between patients, medical devices and caregivers to ensure a seamless care management. BioT... Mehr erfahren