Software für den Forderungseinzug: suCollect IIS- und SQL- und Windows-Integration Effizientes Inkassomanagement Proaktives Inkasso (vor dem Fälligkeitsdatum): monatliche Kontoauszüge werden zu Beginn des Monats und E-Mails zur... Mehr erfahren

Prodigal is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage debt collection, account receivables (ARs) and portfolio liquidation operations. It enables managers to track agent’s productivity, monitor calls with borrowers and... Mehr erfahren

Cbox is a cloud-based live chat solution designed to help communities and groups engage with participants, audiences and visitors in real-time. Professionals can embed the tool into their websites and upload colors, emoticons or... Mehr erfahren

Totality is a debt collection solution that helps small to mid-sized businesses streamline processes related to interest calculations, court detail management, client communication, and more on a centralized platform. It allows... Mehr erfahren

CollBox is a web-based debt collection solution that helps businesses view past-due accounts and send invoices to verified debt collection agencies in real-time. It allows organizations to handle accounting, bookkeeping, data... Mehr erfahren

Flexys is an end-to-end debt collection system built on modern, cloud-native technology. It helps clients move away from old-fashioned multi-year waterfall deployments to a progressive microservices model where a complete... Mehr erfahren