Venly is a blockchain technology provider that creates tools and products to help companies benefit from blockchain technology. We provide a complete technology stack to bring brands, apps, games and platforms into Web3. We help... Mehr erfahren

NinjaFT is a digital assets marketplace connecting creators and consumers. NinjaFT gives creatives the opportunity to earn digital income by custom minting NFT collectibles, sell them in the marketplace, or use them as rewards on... Mehr erfahren

OneMint is the fully decentralized platform that empowers you to mint your own digital collectibles, loyalty points or carbon credits. OneMint makes it easy to create and distribute fully traceable, cryptographically verifiable... Mehr erfahren

Built for both security and functionality, this NFT creation, distribution and integration solution allows users to send them via QR codes or email, manage inventory in-game, create unlimited asset types and much more. Enjin is a... Mehr erfahren