Coinomi is a digital wallet that assists individuals with secure storage, management and exchange of cryptocurrency and blockchain assets. The encrypted interface allows users to manage several cryptocurrencies including Binance,... Mehr erfahren

Staked is a web-based solution that helps investors securely compound cryptocurrency investments through lending and staking. It enables professionals to store, manage and lend cryptocurrencies, generate custom reports and... Mehr erfahren

Shrimpy is a centralized cryptocurrency platform designed to help users manage their entire crypto portfolio. With Shrimpy, users can easily link exchanges and wallets in one place. Shrimpy can monitor crypto markets and track... Mehr erfahren is a cryptocurrency wallets software designed to help businesses manage bitcoin, dogecoin, Litecoin and other currencies. The platform enables administrators to create wallets and process transactions on a unified... Mehr erfahren

Krypto promotes widespread acceptance of crypto as an investment asset by providing a highly secure platform to buy, send, and sell cryptocurrencies. It encourages crypto usage and drives individuals towards decentralization by... Mehr erfahren

Bit2Me app allows you to buy, sell and operate with your cryptocurrencies, as well as learn more about the crypto environment. It offers various features such as notifications, cryptocurrency exchange, data security, income and... Mehr erfahren