Basis is marketing automation and advertisement management solution that helps businesses run digital media campaigns across websites and social media platforms. It enables marketing teams to manage programmatic, direct, social,... Mehr erfahren

RhythmOne is an advertising platform that helps brands and marketing agencies distribute and display advertisements across multiple screens. It enables businesses to streamline programmatic advertising operations, manage bids and... Mehr erfahren

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform designed to help advertising agencies purchase video and audio ads and display them across Amazon websites and mobile applications. Administrators can gain visibility across audience engagement... Mehr erfahren is a cloud-based digital advertising solution that helps marketing agencies streamline and manage programmatic advertising through targeted campaigns. Professionals can generate customizable ad-hoc reports and schedule... Mehr erfahren

N.Rich ist ein Unternehmen, das 2016 in Helsinki, Finnland, gegründet wurde. Die Firma bietet eine ABM-Werbeplattform (Account-Based Marketing), die den Display-Kanal für B2B-Unternehmen unterstützt. Du kannst damit deine... Mehr erfahren

Aroscop is a customizable service platform for all your digital advertising needs. The futuristic technology enables marketing professionals to quickly reach their audiences. Users can select self-serve or managed services... Mehr erfahren