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Flujo is a team communication platform designed to help small businesses with remote workforces improve collaboration through messaging, AV calling, group conferencing tools. Teams can set up meetings, capture notes, minutes of... Mehr erfahren

OneDrive is a cloud-based content management solution that provides organizations with a platform to collaborate, share and store documents. This system enables cross-platform synchronization and prevents data loss. OneDrive... Mehr erfahren

Cubbit for Teams is the first SaaS cloud storage for business that doesn’t need a data-center to run. Cubbit is end-to-end, zero-knowledge encrypted and this signifies that no one except those authorized by the user can read the... Mehr erfahren

Interchange Data Data moves a lot. We transfer data intra-company, inter-company, to/from cloud, to/from IoT devices. Yet transferring data is slow and unsecure. We need a robust upgrade to delimited data files to handle the... Mehr erfahren