Demografy is a B2B SaaS platform that uses machine learning-based noninvasive technology to get demographic data using only names. It can be used to get demographic insights or append lists with missing demographic data. Unlike... Mehr erfahren

ZEMA ist eine Datenermittlungs- und Analyselösung, die Unternehmen in der Landwirtschaft, Energie, Datendienste und anderen Branchensegmenten dabei unterstützt, Vorgänge im Zusammenhang mit Datenausrichtung, Aggregation, Freigabe... Mehr erfahren

Powered by AI, Accern is a no-code data extraction and analysis platform that's designed to help companies within the financial services, insurance, asset management, and banking industries build and test NLP models to accelerate... Mehr erfahren

CCOSTAT is a method for generating multi-variable and non-linear models from existing data. The mathematical formulas created allow to statistically frame the results provided. Data collection by the user is empirical: the... Mehr erfahren