Ventiv IRM is an Integrated risk management software platform that can provide the insights you need to monitor and lower your Total Cost of Risk (TCoR). Make informed decisions with real-time analytics by integrating multiple... Mehr erfahren

BIC Platform ist eine Business Process Management-Suite, die Unternehmen in den Bereichen Bauwesen, Pharma, Luft- und Raumfahrt, Finanzen, Einzelhandel und anderen Branchen bei der Verwaltung von Prozessmodellierung, Dokumentenver... Mehr erfahren

CRISAM ist eine cloudbasierte Lösung, mit der Unternehmen potenzielle Unternehmensrisiken identifizieren, vertrauliche Daten sichern und die Einhaltung gesetzlicher Vorschriften prozessübergreifend sicherstellen können. Fachleute... Mehr erfahren

Vendor360 is a risk management solution designed to help businesses manage vendor selection, evaluation and onboarding processes. The application allows administrators to analyze vendors through pre-defined or custom-built... Mehr erfahren

XLRISK, developed by Vose Software and distributed by Addinsoft, is a powerful and simple tool that allows you to build, audit and precisely test your risk models to enable you to make better decisions. XLRISK is integrated with... Mehr erfahren

condignum is a SaaS solution, which enables businesses to manage compliance, risks and security requirements from within a unified platform. Supervisors can add widgets and track the status of iterations using a centralized... Mehr erfahren

s2Org is a software specifically created to perform overall security program assessments. It helps users evaluate the risks that vendors pose and are faced with and comes up with a strategy using the data from the risk assessment... Mehr erfahren

S2Team is a software specifically made to provide companies and teams tools to perform security assessments. Using just one platform, users can view all reports and risks on the overall dashboard and make sure that all team... Mehr erfahren