CliniGro is a healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) system designed to help medical clinics manage client information, leads and marketing operations. It enables practitioners to capture and store patients’ details,... Mehr erfahren

Toca CRM ist eine intuitive mobile CRM-Anwendung, die die Effektivität der Aktualisierung von Kundeninformationen maximiert. Als All-in-one-CRM haben Nutzer Zugriff auf alle notwendigen Kundenmanagement-Tools, die für den... Mehr erfahren

WPCRM is a CRM solution for wholesale distributors that can integrate with various ERP systems. It provides predictive analytics to optimize sales initiatives and business decisions. This solution allows distribution teams to... Mehr erfahren

Crik-IT is a customer relationship management software that helps businesses maintain customer records, manage orders and track inventories on a unified platform. It enables product managers to handle communication between... Mehr erfahren

FinCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that is designed for small businesses across multiple industry segments, including insurance, banking, tourism, finance, hospitality, education and eCommerce. It helps... Mehr erfahren

Fision offers an integrated marketing automation and sales enablement solution to help distributed field sales and local marketers customize and distribute timely, relevant and multi-channel campaigns. Fision's distributed... Mehr erfahren