SMTP2GO ist eine cloudbasierte E-Mail-Zustellungsplattform, mit der E-Mails bereitgestellt und nachverfolgt werden können. Zu den Funktionen gehören Ticket-Support, Live-Chat, Einrichtungsunterstützung, Feedback-Schleifen,... Mehr erfahren

Postmark is an email management solution that helps businesses handle, track and streamline the delivery of emails on a centralized platform. Professionals can use the dashboard to generate administrative reports and track the... Mehr erfahren

Shift is an on-premise desktop software that helps businesses manage and centralize applications, user accounts and workflows on a unified platform. Supervisors can use the dashboard to create digital workspaces and share media... Mehr erfahren

Leadcamp is the ultimate sales sidekick that empowers sales teams to crush quotas, quarter after quarter. As a Lead Engagement Platform, it captures all sales interaction data, and uses AI to create lead scores – turning data... Mehr erfahren

Everest is a cloud-based email marketing solution designed to help businesses execute campaigns, improve customer outreach and track email deliverability metrics from within a unified platform. Professionals can monitor created,... Mehr erfahren

SaneBox is an email management software designed to help businesses filter and categorize emails across customizable groups. The platform provides a SaneNews folder, which enables managers to collect newsletters and automatically... Mehr erfahren

Email drives your legal practice but protecting & managing it shouldn't be your business. mxHERO, two-time, back-to-back (2019 & 2020) Astors Award Winner for Homeland Security, has created a QuickStart Package designed to bring... Mehr erfahren