Enverus is a commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to competitive analytics, permit monitoring, leasing trends tracking and more. It enables staff members to... Mehr erfahren

The QBRX energy management solution provides facilities with tools to measure the efficiency of energy management measures, access reporting, and plan further improvements. In the QBRX IoT Service Desk, all processes, units,... Mehr erfahren

Brady PowerDesk is a dynamic and single data driven platform that helps traders accelerate short-term power trading profits. The software provides the following tools; position management, bid management, market access and asset... Mehr erfahren

CEnergy is a web based app that helps you monitor the energy consumption at your plant and optimize your manufacturing process. Start working your way downstreaming and control your assets with this fully scalable resource... Mehr erfahren

KmProd is a manufacturing execution system (MES) software that helps businesses manage operational processes across industrial production workshops. KmProd provides allows staff members to optimize processes across industrial... Mehr erfahren

AcuCloud's professional-grade metering data collection tools are designed to provide timely, thorough energy consumption data across all meter points throughout a facility. Metered energy data is aggregated into a single,... Mehr erfahren

Pear allows users to unify their utility operations, uncover insights and simplify their billing processes. It standardizes reliable utility data across organizations and it supports them with achieving synergy across operations,... Mehr erfahren

Founded in 2015, cQuant.io is an industry leader in analytic solutions for energy, commodity, and financial services companies. cQuant is a cloud-native SaaS analytics company, providing robust solutions to meet today’s energy... Mehr erfahren