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SkyPrep LMS ist eine cloudbasierte Lernmanagementlösung, die Schulungsadministratoren eine Plattform für die Erstellung, Verwaltung und den Verkauf von Schulungskursen bietet. Zu den wichtigsten Funktionen gehören... Mehr erfahren

Thrive is a cloud-based learning management application designed to help organizations of all sizes plan, deploy and manage diversity training programs for employees. The platform enables enterprises to schedule multiple learning... Mehr erfahren

Edflex helps you to train differently through an innovative solution, and engage your employees. With hundreds of topics in different formats such as videos, podcasts, online courses or articles, we believe that our organization... Mehr erfahren

Anki is an on-premise learning experience platform, which enables professionals to create flashcards to facilitate memory retention. Individuals can search for specific notes or cards based on custom text inputs. Anki helps... Mehr erfahren

LearnLab.ai is the only learn-by-doing platform that helps organizations solve challenges, keep employees engaged, and foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement. With their marketplace of pre-structured labs, they... Mehr erfahren