Mobile-based caregiver solution, MyCooey by Cooey Technologies assists caregivers and works to optimize healthcare outcomes. MyCooey is a standalone point of care solution offered in the US and is a fit for healthcare organization... Mehr erfahren

Healthiva is a complete HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution that specializes in substance abuse/addiction treatment services, prescription monitoring, and telecounseling. Using video conferencing, PM/EMR systems, and interactive... Mehr erfahren

OneMD is a patient portal solution, which helps healthcare facilities streamline processes related to check-in, waiting room management, medical forms and more. The platform is compatible with various dental practice management... Mehr erfahren

Cortico is an online patient engagement platform that helps connect patients and practitioners. Our online booking system and telehealth platform are developed with input from clinicians in multiple fields. Cortico integrates... Mehr erfahren